Hi, my name isAntony Merle.I build apps for today's Internet.

I am a fullstack web developer with a passion for crafting intuitive and user-friendly web experiences. My main focus is developing websites that engage visitors and meet business requirements. With three years of experience and a focus on continual learning, I am committed to delivering high-quality and maintainable solutions.

01.About me

I am a father of three and live in the Basque Country, southwest of France. It's a beautiful land and culture that inspire me everyday in my work. Since the beginning of my programming journey in 2017, I worked as head of IT for the University of Pau's academic libraries. I specialized in JavaScript and TypeScript to build applications everybody can use simply in their browser, with no installation needed. I built apps that focus on very different topics like providing business intelligence, automating repetitive tasks, helping students with administrative procedures. In 2023, I gratuaded at <i>la Capsule</i> bootcamp, worked on board.lease, a peer to peer surfoard renting mobile-first website. I am currently open to work.


  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • NextJS
  • React Native
  • MongoDB
  • mySQL
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02.Projects I built

  • a la tempera, vente en ligne de peintures décoratives pour chambre d'enfant

    A la tempera

    A fine art gallery that is all about making children rooms awesome again.

    • NextJS
    • MongoDB
    • Stripe
  • joliShop ecommerce screencap


    An ecommerce platform carefuly crafted for small businesses and home sellers. Shop with a purpose and experience the joy of shopping small !

    • NextJS
    • Sanity.io
    • Stripe
  • istex uppa screencap


    A search engine frontend to the ISTEX database : explore scientific, technical and medical research through 27 millions articles.

    • TypeScript
    • Angular
    • rxjs
  • kanban screencap


    A kanban board that let your team manage tasks efficiently by draging and dropping items from one column to another, add comments and more.

    • NodeJS
    • Express
    • Socket.io
    • React
  • wordle game screencap


    Wordle is a popular online word game where the player has to guess a five-letter word in a limited number of attempts.

    • JavaScript
    • HTML
    • CSS

Other significants projects


    SISE Analytics is a dashboard that fetches Full-Time-Equivalent (FTE) of french universities, process the data and export it on a SpreadSheet. Sise Analytics helps academic libraries to manage their electronic resources acquisitions based on that FTE data.


    Board.lease is made by surfers for surfers. Rent your board on your future holiday spot. If you're a local, you can put your surfboard to rent, make a little money and help a fellow surfer ! Board.lease is an academic MVP designed to be displayed on mobile phones.


    PhishEye is a web browser extension designed to protect Université de Pau webmail users from phishing. Attacks being often predictables, the extension is able to detect malicious links, sanitize them and display an informative message to the user.

Let's build something great together

I'd love to hear about your opportunities. Let's connect and see how I can contribute.